June 22, 2008

in Daily Life

S., who usually loves to help, does not want to help clean up today. Instead she follows me from room to room chattering away as I clean up.

I’m almost done, when she dumps a pail of small plastic toys on the floor, and then walks away and starts playing with a ball.

Me- S. please come and pick up the toys you just dumped on the floor.

S.- no response

Me- S. did you hear me ? I want you to come and pick these toys up if you aren’t going to play with them.

S.- no response

So I walk over and gently take the ball from S., get down to her eye level and say- I will give your ball back as soon as you help me to pick up the big mess you just made.

S.-BIG Sigh- as she walks over and slowly starts picking up the toys.

S.- You know Lisa, you were just using a very bossy voice when you were talking to me.

Me- I’m sorry if that’s true S., but you were ignoring me…

S.- BIG Sigh- and then OK Lisa.

Me- OK S., thanks for helping.

S. is 2 years and 9 months old.

Moral of the story ? You tell me!

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