July 15, 2008

in Daily Life

S. is not my child,but I’m helping to raise her so I may be slightly biased. Even so, I happen to think she’s a pretty neat kid and I can’t help but want to share some of the amazing things she says.

I have been living a slightly nomadic existence this past month, sleeping on one couch after another, since the apartment I rent is not livable due to the fact it is being painted, repaired and having all the wood floors sanded and refinished.I have taken to “visiting” once a week to collect mail,check on the progress of the work, and retrieve items I’ve forgotten and need.

This is why S. accompanied me to my home one recent day on our way to our weekly yoga class. We stopped  by so I could pick up my mail and some clean clothes. S. has been to my house before,and this particular day as we approached she said, ” It’s such fun going to visit your house. I call it Lisa Land. It’s fun to go with you to Lisa Land.”

Later that day after she’d successfully used the potty- which by now has really become just a regular part of our daily routine- for me anyway- she said, “We have to remember to tell Mommy and Daddy I used the potty today, because  adults are so happy and proud when little kids use the potty.”

I swear the child just makes me smile as she continues to learn and grow and verbalizes her  world views and understanding.


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