Tummy Time- Report From the Trenches

August 8, 2009

in Development

Click on the link below for an excellent blog post and discussion of tummy time (or in this case no tummy time) by a Mom who is raising her babies utilizing Maria Montessori (and Magda Gerber’s) philosophies.

I love this blog because it is well written, thoughtful, and honest! Interesting side note here: Maria Montessori wrote very little about the care and teaching of infants and toddlers- her interests, her work and the methods she developed were primarily focused on children age three and older. But Montessori and Gerber shared many similar beliefs and ways of seeing and thinking about children and their development and needs. In recent years, Magda Gerber’s ideas and work have highly influenced modern Montessori practice with regard to infants and toddlers.

Now go read some more! Be sure to read the comments following the blog post- the discussion adds to the post…


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