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April 24, 2011 · 3 comments

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“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
— Antonio Smith

Today was a gorgeous, warm spring day, and J. begged to go out back to play after weeks of being cooped up indoors due to lots of rain. I sat nearby and watched as J. (who is now two years and two months old) played in his water table. I was treated to a view of the world through his eyes, as time seemed to slow down, and I found myself noticing and appreciating the smallest details. J. was completely absorbed in the activity of scooping up a cup of a water, pouring it into a funnel,  and watching the water stream out the other end. He repeated this sequence of events again and again.

At one point, he picked up a golf ball, and dropped it into the top of the funnel, and then looked at the bottom of the funnel expectantly. When the ball didn’t come out the bottom, he looked over at me with a slightly perplexed expression, and shrugged his shoulders.

He then poured another cup of water into the funnel, and grinned when it came out the bottom of the funnel, but dripping instead of flowing, because the ball was partially blocking the flow of the water.

As he was experimenting like this, a plane flew overhead. Planes are of great interest to J., likely because heaeroplane.‘s been on one several times to visit his Nanny, and also because his Nanny is coming to visit him again soon, and we’ve been talking with him about her visit. Usually he yells, “Plane! Nanny?”, and waves when he sees one.

Today J. looked up, pointed to the plane and said “Plane.” I responded, “Yes, I see the plane too!” He nodded, and went back to scooping and pouring water, with the words, “Plane.One.” A few minutes later, another plane flew overhead. J. again excitedly located and pointed to the plane, shouting, “Plane! Two!” I acknowledged, “Yes there is another plane!”

Well, wouldn’t you know, not five minutes later, another plane passed overhead ? J. couldn’t contain his excitement or delight. His whole body seemed to reach to the sky to point out what to him amounted to the eighth wonder of the world. “Plane! Many!” he declared, at full volume. I smiled a big smile. “Can you believe it, three planes in a row?” Yup, planes, many!

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janetlansbury April 24, 2011

Lisa, this is beautiful…thank you!!! What a lovely relationship you and J. have!

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” My sister and I were just talking about this idea today when we were at her house for Easter. I was amazed by our children, most of whom are teenage now. They were absorbed with coloring eggs, hunting for candy filled ones…and freeing cartons of ladybugs into her rose garden… all the Easter traditions we’ve had for years and years, since they were small. My sister said, “These will probably be the things they’ll always remember.”. I really had to laugh when my 18 year old daughter was running as fast as she could around the yard during the egg hunt. For a moment I saw my beautiful, exuberant and innocent 6 year old again.

Kaylia April 25, 2011

Beautiful story! I love the idea of watching him experiment with the golf ball and the funnel, such fun to watch kids learn about their world!

Suchada @ Mama Eve April 25, 2011

I love this post, Lisa! Isn’t it amazing to see what little ones do?

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