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“Every baby moves with more ease and efficiency if allowed to do it at his own time and in his own way, without our trying to teach him. A child who has always been allowed to move freely develops not only an agile body but also good judgment about what he can and cannot do.” – Magda Gerber


Pure Genius


I’m not sure this is exactly what Magda Gerber had in mind, but I sure do admire this toddler’s ingenuity, creativity, problem solving skills, and judgment. What do you think?







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Magdalena S. Palencia April 5, 2012

Thank you for posting this! This is such an incredible example of a child’s creativity in problem solving.

Dawn Fry April 6, 2012

This video is an excellent example of how important it is to provide toddlers with an safe outlet for their need to climb. In my childcare I had an indoor climbing structure that was safe. It is perfect for toddlers who like to challenge skills and have fun. Here is link for one,
climbing structure.

Lisa April 6, 2012

Hi Dawn,

I agree with you- it is so important to provide toddlers with safe and appropriate equipment to accommodate their need to move, climb, and explore, or they are likely to invent and create their own as the little boy in the video clip did. I admire his planning and self preservation skills, however!

Also, no one has mentioned it yet, but the safety gate in this video clip seems to be installed backwards. The tension bar that holds the gate in place should be facing out and away from the room the child is in, thus removing the temptation for the child to use it as a step. This points to another of Magda Gerber’s basic guidelines- she urged parents and caregivers to create safe but challenging play spaces for children to explore freely, without the need for adults to constantly intervene, or worry about children hurting themselves. The combination of a safe, prepared play environment, and a relaxed, observant adult, creates many ideal opportunities for the child to move and problem solve freely.

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