Santa Cruz RIE certified parenting classesThe RIE Parenting Philosophy

As a result of engaging in classes with Regarding Baby parents are rewarded with children who are secure, content, co-operative, confident , curious, aware, and resourceful.

I support you in raising your child in a respectful way. Engage during class and discover what Magda Gerber’s approach has to offer your family; a welcome and relaxing experience for both you and your baby. During class:

  • your baby will enjoy freely exploring a safe play area, while
  • you will have the opportunity to enjoy observing your child to gain insight that will support you in parenting with more ease and confidence.

Through parenting classes you can learn to:

~ Trust your instincts

~ Strengthen your bond with baby

~ Nurture baby’s development naturally

~ Respect your own needs while meeting baby’s needs

Learn to:

  • trust your own intuition and understand your child’s unique personality.
  • strengthen your bond with your baby through slowing down, and tuning in to baby’s cues.
  • design your home environment to support your child’s natural development.
  • develop consistent daily routines to support baby’s ability to co-operate.
  • take care of yourself while also meeting the needs of your baby.

Private Consultations

Phone or In- Home for families:

  • My full attention and solutions tailored to your specific needs and questions around common areas of concern:
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Discipline