Year of The Baby

The Cat in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

January 1, 2014

(With thanks to Janet Lansbury for the title!) I actually took this picture of R’s play space about three weeks ago, but it seemed appropriate to post here, today. R had been playing, and then went for a nap, and I went to tidy up her play space and happened upon this scene, which just […]

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Take a CALMS Approach to Your Crying Baby

January 13, 2013

  Is The “Happiest Baby On The Block” the Most Oppressed? Why I’m Not A Fan of the “5S” Method Of  Calming Crying Babies, continues to generate a lot of interest and (sometimes) heated discussion, eight months after it was first published.     One of the biggest arguments in favor of Dr. Karp’s “Happiest Baby” […]

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Babies Are People Too! Let’s Make 2012 the “Year of The Baby”

January 2, 2012

What You Teach is Yourself.  Magda Gerber     This post is inspired by two of my greatest heroes, inspirations, and teachers; two amazing women who have touched and changed my life, my way of thinking, and my very way of being in the world, through their friendship and example, their words, their work, their […]

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