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How do Regarding Baby classes differ from other classes I might choose to attend with my child ?

First, you might notice that the atmosphere is very soothing and peaceful. Next, you might notice that there are no exersaucers, boppy seats or electronic toys present. We don’t sing songs, and I won’t ask you to entertain, or to exercise or manipulate your baby’s body in any way. There is no pre-set curriculum. Instead, we allow the children to freely explore the environment and to choose the objects they’d like to play with, and then to play in the way they wish. We let the children set the pace and initiate the play, and the adult’s role is to relax, observe, and respond to their child’s cues. Because the group often continues together through several sessions babies and parents get to know each other well, and often form strong bonds and lasting relationships that extend outside of the classroom.

Parenting Classes with Regarding Baby provide:

~ Information and Guidance You Can Trust

~ Answers To Your Questions About What to Expect As Your Baby Grows

~ Gentle, natural ways to discipline and gain co-operation without resorting to yelling or time- outs

What can I expect when I bring my baby to class ?

Each class is an hour and a half long and meets once a week, for an 8 week session. Babies generally begin classes with their parent(s) when they are about 3 months old. Only 6 families are enrolled in a class, so each child and parent can receive individualized attention. Children are grouped developmentally, which means according to their emotional and gross motor abilities. Generally, there is about a 3 month age span in the class because babies develop at different rates.

The classes have a regular rhythm, so that everyone can know what to expect and feel comfortable. Parents sit on back-jacks on the floor near their babies and babies are free to move about in the space as they wish, exploring the items that have been laid out in advance. There is a brief warming in time to allow everyone to get settled , followed by a quiet observation time and a question and discussion period afterwards. There is a private, quiet area provided for parents to change or feed their babies as needed. Older babies can participate in a group snack time, if they choose to.

I think I might like to take a class with my baby, but I’d like to talk to others that have taken the class first. Is this possible?

Yes, I am happy to provide references upon request. Also, you may attend a one hour Introduction with your partner if you’d like. The fee for the Introduction is $10.00 per person, or $15.00 per couple, and will apply towards the tuition for your first eight week session, if you choose to enroll in a class.

I’d like to learn more… Is there a book you recommend I read ?

Yes! I highly recommend both Your Self Confident Baby by Allison Johnson and Magda Gerber, and Dear Parent by Magda Gerber.