November 2011

Toilet Learning Made Easy

November 28, 2011

  “Learning to use the toilet is a process that takes time. Rather than push or manipulate your child by giving him treats such as candy or a special reward for something that he will learn to do on his own, trust that he will learn when he is ready. Respect is based on trust.” […]

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What To Say Instead Of “NO!” – Six Ways To Gain Your Child’s Co-operation

November 5, 2011

    Did you know? The average one year old hears the word “no” an unbelievable 400 times a day! The problem with the word “No” is this: when it’s used too often, toddlers tend to tune it out after awhile.”No” alone doesn’t help your toddler learn what to do instead. Also, saying “No!” in […]

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What Is Play?

November 2, 2011

In response to All They Need Is Play, Julie asks-“How to define play? I’ve always heard children learn through self-play, but I don’t know exactly what play is? Is it referring to letting my child stomp in the mud, or go to the playground? Could you please give me some examples on how to play? […]

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